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Track 1, 4:19 min

I'm grateful for the circumstances that enabled me to make this album. That's what this song is all about...

A heavy blues track with much rhythmical trickery & metric modulation.

returning home


Track 2, 3:33 min

Describes the journey home, with all its traffic jam and late trains...

A groovy song in the key of A, going through ups and downs.

la sombra


Track 3, 3:57 min

There's nothing scary here. Anyway, a song about shadows...

The 60's mixed with 80's new wave, real drums meet drum machines. The result is a catchy hit single, sort of.



Track 4, 3:54 min

This is nothing but a ride on a huge wooden roller coaster...

A fast rock i've written in 2003. I always knew that 'Helix' would make a good Track 4 on an album.

sad romance


Track 5, 5:13 min

Two worlds collide and doesn't fit together. It ends in chaos...

A slow song that holds everything from blues guitars to symphonic parts and brutal grunge.

le chateau


Track 6, 5:16 min

A walk through an old french castle with all its many windows, halls and corridors.

Written in France/1994. It's rather a collage than a song. Many different instruments and a high number of tracks.

mars landing


Track 7, 4:26 min

The mars rover 'pathfinder' landed on the red planet in 1997. I was on board...

If you listen carefully you can hear a lot of original alien noices. Really.

up to no good


Track 8, 3:44 min

It's a hommage to fusion music. But it's a very moody song, often changing directions...

The first of the new songs i wrote for this album. I even considered to make it the title track. I changed my mind.



Track 9, 4:42 min

A dirty song. A very dirty song...

Written a day before or after 'le chateau'. I mainly reproduced the original 'demo tape' arrangement, except a few notes here and there, which are new.

views of the world


Track 10, 5:15 min

Perhaps this is my entry to 'world music'...

Even a rock drummer like me don't want to play rock all of the time. Attention, Sitar and Flutes included.

wanna boogie


Track 11, 4:01 min

It's a fun rock with fancy riffs and crazy elements...

The main riff is something i play since the mid 90's. The song was fun to play, though it acted bitchy sometimes.



Track 12, 3:57 min

About ignorance. When everything you try just feels like being wasted.

Planned to be guitar-only. But then i jammed the drums and liked it.

zero message


Track 13, 4:39 min

This number has zero message but it generates massive pictures...

It starts with a simple riff in F# but turns out to be a strong progressive tune. I was surprised by that myself.

distant dream


Track 14, 4:14 min

I wrote this song for a band that split before the first time rehearsing it. But i love to remember those 'good old times'. It's like a distant dream.

Written in 1986 during the night shift in a car factory, except the part with the drum solo, which was written about 25 years later.

ghosts of winter


Track 15, 4:45 min

It was a magical moment when i wrote the final melody cascade of the song - and it started to snow wonderfully.

It's a crazy fact that the winter 2012/13 was the longest and coldest in many years, at least around here. My fault, i called the ghosts of winter.

general wasting

markus hoffmeister:
drums, guitars, bass, keyboards, percussion and programming

all songs written by m. hoffmeister


cover photo by michel mueller. sorry for destroying it.

cover art and website by m. hoffmeister

i want to thank my parents, my son, my friends, the skeyavil people, my social media followers, drum students and all the bandmates and musicians i had the pleasure to play with. thanks for the inspiration and friendship.

i also thank YOU for downloading this album.